Who is Noah Thompson? What happened to his parents? Meet his grandmother Karen

During the Mother’s Day episode of American Idol, the Top 7 competitors each got the opportunity to sing a song in honour of their moms; Noah Thompson sang “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac in tribute to his grandmother, Karen, who raised him. Since Thompson’s parents were separated and he was better off living with his grandmother, she reared him. Thompson took his grandmother to California, and his grandmother was overjoyed at the opportunity to go to the state.

Who is Noah Thompson?

When Noah performs on American Idol, the judges are always blown away by his incredible talent. And when he won the Golden Ticket, he was also a Google hot topic. This season’s judges on Idol are Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan. All of the judges and other music lovers are now admirers of Noah. The top 7 candidates just performed to move to the Top 5 on May 7. Ryan Seacrest, the show’s presenter, opened by saying that two of the scheduled performers, including Noah, would be unable to make the live broadcast. All his fans were worried about him when he tested positive for Covid, so they flooded him with love and support.

What Happened To Noah Thompson?

The judges and the viewers of American Idol have been consistently blown away by Noah’s performance. On the other hand, his fans were taken aback when the show’s presenter revealed that he wouldn’t perform live on the May 7 episode. After a positive test for Covid, the singer was placed under quarantine. He even put on a spectacular display without leaving his hotel room. He video-called the judges after the show. Noah sang “Painted Blue” and “Landslide” on Mother’s Day. He astounded everyone, as he did every day.

What Happened To Noah Thompsons Parents?

Noah is an American whose hometown is Blaine, Kentucky. His extraordinary parents, Elizabeth Miller and Chris Thompson gave birth to him on April 18, 2003; he owes his many gifts to them. Sadly, his mother, Elizabeth, deceased long ago. Noah grew up watching his father, Chris Thompson, play in a small-town rock band. Billboard claims that he greatly influenced Thompson’s dad. His mother, Elizabeth Miller, died when he was young. His stepmother is Amy Thompson, now his father’s second wife. The 19-year-old singer said his father’s support inspired him to join the music industry. After his father taught him the basic chords of the guitar, he was forever connected to music. His father had always dreamed of seeing him make it big in the music business.

Meet his granny, Karen

She’s always enjoyed his singing but wasn’t sure he’d win American Idol. She remarked. His voice soothes me, but I’m close to him, so I worry whether others would agree. It’s incredible the love and support of everyone here, she remarked. If something goes wrong, people jump straight up and are there for you. There are many people here, and I didn’t even realize it! Thompson flew to California to spend Mother’s Day with her grandchild and to attend the season finale, but she hardly spent any time with Noah. She stated he was a great child. She said he’s amazing. No matter what else may happen, having him as a child and nurturing him has been the highlight of my life.

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