Who is Patriots TE Steven Johnson? Photos of Sonya Curry’s affair surfaced online, Details discussed

Former New England Patriots tight end Steven Johnson is a well-known name in the NFL – National Football League. In college, Steven Johnson played football for the Virginia Tech Hokies. In the long run, Johnson established himself as the company’s head honcho and only owner, Johnson Commercial Development. With its headquarters in Bristol, Virginia, it is one of the major commercial developers in the Southeastern United States.

Who is the tight end for the Patriots, Steven Johnson?

NFL tight end Steven Johnson once played for the New England Patriots. From 1984 through ’87, he played at Virginia Tech’s football team and was eventually selected in the sixth round of the 1988 NFL draft. The former NFL player is now the owner of Johnson Commercial Development, a construction firm that, according to its website, performs a wide range of services. The Steve Johnson Practice Fields were named after Johnson after he gave $1 million to the Virginia Tech Indoor Practice Facility in 2013.

Pictures of the Sonya Curry Affair Has Gone Viral On Social Media

Former Patriots tight end Steven Johnson’s fling with Sonya Curry catapulted him back into the public eye. TMZ Sports reports that Johnson cheated on his wife with Dell Curry’s divorced wife, Sonya. After 33 years of marriage, Sonya Curry filed for divorce from Dell Curry, claiming misconduct on both sides. Sonya alleged that Dell cheated on her with other women throughout their marriage, while Dell held Sonya responsible for an affair he had with their mutual friend, Johnson.

Dell also claims Sonya is not eligible for alimony since she lives in Tennessee with Johnson. She went on to state that she is homeless since Dell refused to allow her into their Tennessee house and that she no longer lives with Johnson. Contrarily, Steven Johnson has never had an open relationship. Consequently, the exact order of events throughout his relationship with Sonya is uncertain.

What is the total wealth of Steven Johnson?

If predictions made by net worth reports come true in 2022, Steven Johnson will have a net worth of roughly $5 million. As the current CEO of Johnson Commercial Development, the real estate firm he founded in 1995 as a Patriots tight end, he has extensive experience in the industry. According to the company’s website, he is in charge of property purchases, sales, developments, and general business operations. It is reasonable to assume that he amassed a considerable fortune through his career as a professional football player.

Was Steven Johnson Ever Married?

The identity of Johnson’s wife has been a well-guarded secret up until now. In the same way that he has avoided sharing other aspects of his personal life, including his marriage, he has also avoided discussing it with the media. Similarly, he seems to be dating Sonya Curry, Dell’s wife, but he hasn’t come out and said so. There were rumors that Sonya and Steven were dating before she divorced Dell. It seems like they have great chemistry.

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