Who is Paul Buttafuoco? Where is he now? Get to know the personal details of Joey Buttafuoco’s Son, Details explored!

Following the delivery of their first child, Jessica Buttafuoco, actors Joey and Mary Jo Buttafuoco brought their second kid, Paul Buttafuoco, into the world. Because there is not much online information about Paul Buttafuoco, in-depth research will almost always lead you to the same handful of websites. Paul Buttafuoco is the couple Joey and Mary Jo Buttafuoco’s second child and their second child overall, given that they also have a daughter named Paul. Paul is Joey and Mary Jo’s middle name. Jessica’s father’s acting profession motivated her to become an actor.

Who is Paul Buttafuoco? 

The actor and businessman Joey Buttafuoco and motivational speaker Mary Jo Buttafuoco are the parents of Paul Buttafuoco, who is also an actor. At the City of Angels, he made his debut into the world. Jessica Buttafuoco is his lone sibling, the eldest of the bunch. After the arrival of their son Frankie in December, he and his wife Claudia Buttafuoco became the proud parents of a little child and were legally wed. In an Instagram post, Paul Buttafuoco, Frankie Buttafuoco’s father, told his wife that “life is beautiful.” Frankie Buttafuoco is Frankie’s daughter.

Are Paul Buttafuoco’s parents divorced?

Joey Buttafuoco, an American entrepreneur, owns and manages an autobody company on Long Island in New York. He has also had some experience in the acting field in the past. There are several movies he has been in, including The Underground Comedy Movie (1999), Finding Forrester (2000), and Perversions of Science (2002), to name just a few (1997). Joey Buttafuoco married Mary Jo Buttafuoco, an author and motivational speaker, in 1977. On March 29, 1983, the Buttafuocos had their first child, a daughter named Jessica.

After seeing her father’s accomplishments in the field, Jessica was motivated to pursue a career similar to that of her father. After very little time had passed since then, the couple was blessed with the arrival of their second child into the world. They have decided to give him the name Paul Buttafuoco since he turned out to be a boy this time. In July of 1991, everyone’s favourite actor, Joey, ended his relationship with Mary Jo because he saw a minor. When they finally came clean about their relationship in March 1992, over a year after they had originally tried to hide it, they were finally able to accept it.

What happened to Joey Buttafuoco’s son? Where is he now?

After being divorced from Mary Jo Buttafuoco in 2003, Joey tied the knot with Evanka Franjko, 52 years old, on March 5, 2005. Joey and Paul Buttafuoco, who were last seen together in 2003 and have not been seen or heard from since are missing and considered dead. As of 2022, there is a lack of data on Paul Buttafuoco’s location that can be found on the internet. If we come across any new information on his whereabouts, we will pass it along to you as soon as possible.

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