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Recently an incident happened in Texas elementary school, and many people criticised the police for the incident. As per the sources, Texas elementary school had a massacre, and a police officer said that on Thursday, the gunman shot and killed 19 children and also killed two teachers in school. He unlocked the door after 12 minutes after police officers were alerted him with a rifle. After two minutes, police officers took cover outside the classroom and sought to negotiate with his active shooter. 

Victor Escalon, South Texas regional director of the Texas Department of public safety, had told the news that the gunman, named Salvador Ramos, did not initially encounter the police officers when he entered the Rob Elementary school, located in Uvalde, Taxes, on Tuesday. He opened fire and shot most of the students in the school. Within minutes, he entered the school. Then the officers also explained why it took an hour to enter the school with special weapons team to enter the classroom and kill the gunman.

What happened in Rob Elementary school?

The Video of the gunfire has been circulating on social media, and many people are pouring their rest in peace for the person who died in the gunshot. The people in the nearby place have explained that incident to the police officers. On the day of the gunshot, Ramos shot his grandmother in his home in Uvalde at 11 a.m., and after that, she posted a message on social media that he was going to shoot the elementary and started from his home with his grandmother pickup truck. At 11.28 a.m., he crashed the truck in the concrete drainage ditch and jumped out in the passenger side, carrying a longarm rifle. Then he fired two people in the nearby funeral home, walked to the Rob Elementary school, climbed the school fence and crossed the parking lot.

Then at 11. 40 a.m. Roma walked onto the west side of the one-story brick school, started to shoot multiple personnel, and entered an unlocked door. He found the classroom full of students and started firing them. Four minutes after Ramos entered the school, the officers of the Uvalde Police department and also the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District Police Department went inside the school. Again he started to shoot the students in the classroom, and then, hearing the gunfire shot, the officers attempted to enter the classroom, but some had shot and taken cover.

After 30 minutes, police entered the building Border Patrol tactical team also entered to help the police officers. After a lot of struggle, police entered the classroom and gunfire at Roma, but the gun fired more than 21 people in the school. The horrific incident that happened in an elementary school has lost 21 lives. Gunshots killed more than 14 children, and two more teachers also died in the horror of gunfire. It is considered one of the sad days for the people of Uvalde, and many people are paying their condoles for the parents who lost their children in the gunfire.      

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