Who is Streamer Big Tonka T? OP GG Stats and LOL On Twitch, Details Discussed

Recently Streamer Big Tonka T is becoming a model on Twitch because of his intelligent approach and poker sport. Big Tonka T is an educated poker participant who seems to be very fun with his poker and will share the films online on Twitch. However, the poker will participate from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and he belongs to Canadian Nationality. 

Who are Streamer Big Tonka T and his wiki?

Big Tonka is a famous web sports streaming, and also it is no doubt that he is one of the many model streamers on Twitch. He will share online and approach poker, the odd chair giveaway now, twitch debauchery, and once more. In addition, the streamers will typically often be named tonkaaap on Twitch, and he will stream many high-stakes poker tournaments online and win and lose lots of dollars every day. One can adjust them to their Twitter account using their username @BestTonkaNA; he has more than 362 followers and will use them to share more than 2.8 k tweets.

However, you can also adjust him on Instagram using the username @tonkaaaap. His IG account is also verified; it has more than 22.2 k followers, and he will share more than 517 posts so far. Per the report on his Instagram, he is an educated poker participant and will also perform poker online and stream it on the internet.   

Streamer Big Tonka T -Op GG LOL Stats and Net Worth

According to the op.gg Big Tonka T has been ranked no.1 in silver, and he has won a cost worth 95% with one loss and 15 wins. The prime of 10 champions includes Urgot, Draven Urgot, Ivern, Pyke, Jarvan IV, Karma, Mordekaiser, Annie, and Olaf. The above have won 100% cost in the 2022 season, and Tonka is entertaining to watch an implausible poker participate. Tonka was missing in the spherical for two weeks as he was in EPT Prague, and as per the report of pokerdb.thehendonmob, he is estimated to have a net worth of $ 205 K. Tonka is ranked 3,002nd on the All-Time Money list. He also stands 121 in the Canada All-Time Money List report. His streamer’s global poker Index score has 65,010th, and also he has the 206th rank in the popularity score.   

Streamer Big Tonka T On Twitch Real Name and Bio

Streamer Big Tonka T is a precise parker Talbot, and his Twitter location resides in Seattle. You can also adjust the Big Tonka T in Twitch Beneath using the username @tonkaaaaP.Tonka Twitter account was verified, and it has more than 123 K followers, and one of his newest broadcasts is named $1WARMUP. The video has content for 6 hours and 5 minutes and will be streamed for four months. It has also gained more than 46.1 K views by May 2022. He is a member of the Team Poker stars, and the team has more than 17 members. The crew has also obtained more than 31,675,390 views and  289 475 likes as of May 2022. 

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