Who Is Trace Ayala’s Wife Samantha Robertson? Details On Their Married Life And Net Worth Details Discussed

Samantha Robertson is the partner of Trace Ayala, an actor, and inspiring designer, and he is co-founder of the garments agency named William Rast. There were in a relationship for many years and then started to live together and have two children. Trace Ayala is best known as a childhood friend and personal assistant of Justine Timberlake. Justin Timberlake and Trace are based chiefly on the garments company William Rast.

They are both right up here with the establishment of their garment’s mannequin. The garments agency is an homage to Justin’s grandfather William Bormar and Trace’s grandfather. Both grandfather names are named for the garments William from Justin’s grandfather’s name and Rant from Trace’s. Trace has a special name for himself as an aspiring designer, and also he is best known for his works in the photos like Edison, Punks, and many others. Samantha is a beloved partner of Trace Ayala, and they both have been collected for a very long time and want to get additional notice in Trace’s non-public life.      

Who is Trace Ayala

Trace Ayala is an actor and designer born in Memphis, Tennessee, the United States of America, on November 26, 1980. His father’s name is Ayala, and his mother is Belinda Ayala. Trace did not disclose anything about his siblings; maybe he is the only child in his family. He is always close to his mother and spends more time with her. Trace was previously in a relationship with many women and broke his relationship. Trace Ayala acted in some documentaries, television series, and films.     

Who is Trace Ayala’s girlfriend, Samantha Robertson?

Trace Ayala used to post more pictures with her girlfriend on social media. They were in a relationship in 2010 and did not share where they first met. After one year of dating, they both started to live together. On September 27, 2011, they welcomed their first daughter, naming her Sophia. Then in 2013, they both got engaged and exchanged their rings.

Then on June 14, 2014, they welcomed their second daughter, naming her River Grace. Then they both started to live as a family of 4 and shared more pictures on social media accounts. Trace’s girlfriend Samantha is active on social media, and her username is @samanthajrobertson; she also has a private Instagram account. There is no more information about Samantha that was not available on the internet.          

Samantha Robertson and Trace Ayala’s age gap?

Trace Ayala and Samantha Robertson have some age gaps, but the exact age is unknown. Samantha’s actual date of birth is unknown. Trace was born on November 26, 1980, and he is 41 years as of 2022. There must be some age gap between them, but they can’t judge on social media.   

Trace Ayala’s combined Net Worth

Trace Ayala is an actor, designer, and co-founder of the garments William Rant and he is estimated to have a net worth of $ 3 million as of 2022. However, he did not disclose his income to the media; his actual net worth is unknown.

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