Who is Zeke Smith? Is he transgender? Before And After Photos of his Gender Change, Details explored!

Zeke Smith is well known as an openly transgender Hollywood actor. Celebrity participant Zeke Smith first came to public attention in the reality competition Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X. In addition, he has made many appearances throughout the season of Survivor: Game Changers, often in tandem with Michaela Bradshaw. On the April 12th, 2017, episode of Survivor: Game Changers, fellow participant Jeff Varner shocked viewers by revealing that he knew Zeke Smith was transgender. This caused a commotion on the stream, with Varner accusing another competitor of lying. Smith proposed to her boyfriend Nico Santos on April 2 at the GLAAD Media Award, and Santos accepted. In April 2018, the pair met for the first time after having been together for four years through the same award program.

Photos of the Transformation of Zeke Smith Before and After

There are no current pictures of Zeke Smith available online. But judging by how he currently seems, the comedian was probably just as handsome when he was younger. The documentary Disclosure: Trans Lives on Screen, directed by Sam Bender and set to be released in 2020 in the United States, is an in-depth look at how Hollywood has portrayed transgender individuals and how it has affected American culture. He studied Biblical exegesis and LGBTQ-inclusive theology at Harvard. Right now, he’s employed as a supervisor of assets. Dinner for Two, Dealing, and Sponsor a Gay BFF in Need Today is among the short films he has performed or directed. Zeke is the first transgender Survivors contestant. Later in the series’ history, Evvie Jagoda and Jackson Fox would follow in his openly transgender footsteps. Zeke lost 11 kilograms during his time on Millennials vs Gen X and another 14 kilos during Game Changers.

As a woman, how did he look?

Two months after they initially met, Zeke and his partner Nico Santos went public with their relationship in a June 2018 Twitter post in which Smith professed his love for Santos. In 2021, the pair moved in together after launching a home in the Los Angeles area. Besides his height and weight, other details about him include an estimated net worth of $400,000 and a height of 5 feet, 7 inches.

The Debate of Zeke Smith as a Transgender

It’s important to Zeke Smith that he be recognized as a person. Since he prefers the company of men, it’s possible that he identifies as a gay transvestite. Although he had female genitalia, he knew in his heart that he had always been a man. The family name Sam Smith is that of his father. Zeke enjoys composing essays, working out, and preparing delicious meals. Zeke was regarded as one of the top debaters in the country at his high school. Zeke has stated that the comedian, actress, and TV personality Joan Rivers is a major influence on him. There are two golden retrievers in his household: Roxy and Sophie. He also owned a dog, Hero. If you follow him on Instagram, zekerchief, he could seem highly animated. His name on the social media platform is @zekerchief. His fiancee, who uses the name nicosantos on Instagram, appears very active.

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