Why are Rodents Attracted to your Property?

As compared to other pests in Melbourne, rodents are known for their cleverness and for being notorious. Not only do they target your home for shelter but they also cause significant damage to your property.

Once a rat has its eye on your property, it is almost impossible to make it look elsewhere. To prevent or remove an infestation, it is important to first identify if there is an infestation in your house and if there is an infestation, it is essential to identify the cause of the infestation and to locate the entry spot.

Do you have an Existing Infestation?

  • Droppings:

The easiest way to identify if your property is infested is by looking for droppings around your home. Rodent droppings can mainly be found in basements, kitchen, near drainage systems, attics, closets, or crawl spaces.

  • Grease Marks:

Some rodents have poor eyesight, which is why they use walls and baseboards as a guide while traveling from one place to another. However, in the process of moving from one place to another, they tend to leave behind grease stains against the walls. These grease marks can be used as a sign of rodents.

  • Scratching Sound:

These notorious pests love causing damage and rambling between one place to another. If you hear any nibbling, scrabbling, or scratching noise often, be sure to look for any rodent activity.

  • Chew Marks:

From electrical wires, laptop chargers, and kitchen plastic containers to cardboard boxes, if you notice any chew marks, get your kitchen and property examined.

Why Did the Rats Choose Your Property?

  1. Accessible Warmth:

Most rodents enter properties for warmth and shelter, especially at the start of any cold season. As they do not like cold seasons, the rats will seek comfort, warmth, and shelter in your home.

  • Food:

Rodents can’t resist themselves when they know food is around, not only do they love meat, dairy, grains, fruits, and vegetables, but they also love trash and fur.

Since almost every kitchen has enough food stored in the open or carelessly, rodents find it impossible to go elsewhere when they have easy access to various sources in the kitchen.

  • Leaks:

The 3 main factors that draw rodents to your home are food, shelter, and water, therefore any accessible water sources and open drainage systems can draw them inside.

Although you might not be willingly leaving water around your property, if there are any leaking drainage pipes, dripping faucets in the kitchen, loose joints, or other plumbing defects, it could lead to a rodent problem.

From Where did the Rodents Enter Your Property?

  • Cracks in Walls:

Always inspect your walls as rodents can easily enter your property through any cracks in your walls. Regardless of what your walls are made up of, whether it is cement, brick, or stones, rodents will somehow figure out a way to squeeze themselves through and enter your property that is why it is necessary to fill these small holes with caulk and use sealant for the bigger ones.

  • Vents:

If a rat has easy access to your vent system, it can easily enter and travel around without you even knowing it. Therefore, it is important to inspect your vents thoroughly and use metal screens to prevent their access.

  • Chimneys:

Since rats are good climbers and love warm locations, the chimney is the perfect spot for it to hide. Always inspect your chimney thoroughly and ensure it has a good cap or grate.

  • Window Frames:

If your window frame has any holes or if the caulk has crumbled it can easily allow rodents to enter. Regularly inspect your window frames for any access point and if you do notice any holes, get them fixed as soon as possible, to avoid any rodents from entering your property.

How can I Prevent Future Rodent Problems?

To prevent a future pest problem, start by checking your house thoroughly and eliminating and sealing off any entry points.

If they can’t enter your property, there wouldn’t be a pest inside. Once you have sealed all the entry and exit points, it is important to remove the three main factors; shelter, food, and water, to make your property an uninhabitable location.

You can do so by storing your food securely in airtight containers, eliminate trash efficiently, fixing any leakages and sealing your drainage systems to remove accessible water sources, and clean your property regularly.

However, even after following various prevention steps, if you still worry about having a pest infiltrate your property, you can contact an exterminator in Melbourne and get your property examined. And if it is infiltrated, you can ask the exterminator to conduct a removal service.

In a nutshell, the only thing drawing them to your Melbourne property is the unlimited access to food, shelter, and water. Once that is removed, your home will officially be considered undesirable for them to nest.

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MuziTsolakis is the owner of Protech Pest Control, Melbourne that is known for its efficient pest control services in Melbourne and its rodent control treatments.

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