Why businesses may need an electronic business card in 2022

We all know that a business card is a card with contact information about a person or organization. Traditionally it’s made of paper or cardboard, sometimes plastic, wood, and metal. With the development of the online world, another version of the business card has appeared – an electronic one.

The topic of electronic business cards (they are also called digital, contactless, smart, QR, or NFC business cards) is actively gaining momentum.

The global market for electronic business card services in 2019 was estimated at $1 million and is projected to reach more than $3 million by 2027.

So let’s figure out what it is and why your business may need one today.

How does an electronic business card work?

An electronic business card is, in fact, a web page optimized for display on a smartphone.

You create an electronic business card and add it to your phone to any app for storing electronic cards.

Electronic business cards basically use two technologies: the vCard file standard and the QR code. Thus, to exchange contacts, you just need to press a couple of buttons and invite the interlocutor to scan the QR code. And your phone number will automatically go to your partner’s “Contacts”.

An electronic business card offers many possibilities. At the same time, one should not assume that paper business cards are bad manners. They are all just as effective. Especially for people of the old school who are reluctant to move to digital.

It is not necessary to spend millions to create paper and electronic business cards. You can use the traditional horizontal or vertical business card mockup on ls.graphics or various services/bots which permeate the internet.

Advantages of electronic business cards

  • Good first impression

An electronic business card is the trend of 2022. The use of modern technologies always makes a positive impression on the interlocutor. This will show you as a person who follows fashion trends and is ready to experiment and introduce something new into your work and life.

  • Impossible to forget

It so happened historically that most often a paper business card can be forgotten somewhere, for example, at home before a business meeting. Then the numbers written on the napkins come into play.

An electronic business card is with you at any moment and in any situation, because it is difficult to forget the phone, which has become a part of our life.

  • Environment-friendly approach

Every year, the direction of caring for the environment is developing ever more and electronic business cards can help in the rejection of paper workflow.

By introducing electronic business cards into the life of a company, you follow ESG principles and take care of the planet you live on. And as a bonus get a significant reduction in the cost of issuing and managing business cards.

  • Security in a pandemic

Another weighty argument why you need an electronic business card in 2022 is security. For almost two years now, we have been living in a new coronavirus world. We wear masks, maintain social distance and take care not to spread the infection to others. During such a period, it is crucial to take care of each other in order to quickly get out of the vicious circle of restrictions.

An electronic business card doesn’t carry viruses, so it is absolutely safe to exchange contacts using it.

Final thoughts

There is only one conclusion: an electronic business card concept will rock 2022. Stay modern, take care of the environment, take care of each other, and be remembered by your new acquaintances.

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