Why Do Yorkies Make an Excellent Pet?

Want to know if a Yorkie will make the right fit for your home? Here are a few reasons you should bring a Yorkshire Terrier into your home.

1. They Provide Devoted Companionship:

Yorkies were bred to kill rats in factories and mines, but they are too adorable and loving companions. They are exceptionally affectionate and cuddly. In fact, as per the American Kennel Club’s annual ranking, they are the 9th most popular breed of dog. They are highly popular only because they are loyal and devoted to their human owners. This is why they are in high demand. In fact, like most devoted dogs, they will sleep at the foot of your bed. There are many more reasons why a dog does so and if interested, you can learn more about why do dogs sleep at the foot of the bed.

2. They Are Excellent Watchdogs:

You must be wondering how such a small dog can defend their owners? We are not talking about their physical defending capabilities but their keen sense of hearing. They are too small for physically defending their owners, but they bark incessantly on the arrival of strangers. Their early warning system makes them an excellent watchdog, for sure.

3. They are Small Size in Size:

Some dog owners are concerned about adopting a small-sized pet, as they may seem delicate but do not be mistaken. Yorkies are feisty little creatures but small in size, making them an ideal pet. They can comfortably fit into a small apartment, and you can manage them easily, as carrying them is not tough. This is why senior citizens should prefer this dog breed. Their small stature is also the reason why they can be carried around to many places where they usually do not allow large dog breeds. For example, when you travel on a flight, a large dog needs to be sent to the live cargo area, which can get dangerous, but you can carry your Yorkie inside the cabin instead due to their size. Hence, their small size is actually an advantage. Do not forget smaller breed dog also means lower cost for pet insurance.

4. They Are Intelligent:

Yorkies do not come in the list of top 10 for the brightest dogs, but they are ranked above average in all areas when it comes to intelligence. There were bred as working dogs, which means they pose above average intelligence and can be trained easily. Even if the breed’s size is small, it is essential to train the dog, and an intelligent dog can be effortlessly trained.

5. They Are Hypoallergenic:

Many individuals would like to have a dog but cannot due to the presence of allergies. If any of your family members are allergic, it is impossible to adopt a dog that can cause allergy due to excessive shedding. However, the Yorkshire Terrier is known as a hypoallergenic dog breed, which means you can keep one at home even if you suffer from allergies. Hypoallergenic means designed to minimize the possibility of an allergic response. Yorkie is on top of the list of hypoallergenic dogs, which is good news for you. Understand, no dog can be 100% allergy-free, so you still need to do a trial run.

6. Clean-Up and Maintenance Are Easy:

Many people do not wish to adopt dogs as they are cleanliness freaks. If you also do not want to keep a dog to avoid constant cleaning due to the fur shedding, then Yorkie might be the right breed for you. For starters, they have hair, not fur. Hence, they shed very little. This is mainly because their hair has the ability to grow long, in contrast to dogs who have fur, which is short and hence sheds quickly. Although Yorkies do shed hair similar to humans, it is really less, and a regular cleaning routine is enough to deal with it.

7. They Do Not Need a Lot of Exercises:

Obviously, dogs require exercise as it helps them stay active and also helps them grow, but the level of activity varies as large breed dogs need more exercise than smaller ones. As Yorkshire Terriers are small breed dogs, they need low-end activity levels as they do not need vigorous exercise. A short stroll in the neighborhood is more than enough to meet their exercise requirements.

Not needing to devote a lot of time to exercise the dog may seem attractive to many busy owners, especially those living in an apartment. If you have long working hours, you better stick to a smaller dog breed. Also, smaller breeds are better for senior citizens as they are easier to handle because they burn their energy easily as opposed to large dog breeds that can get really mischievous if not given enough walks.

8. They Are Excellent Therapy Dogs:

The world is full of incidences that cause stress in many people’s life. People who suffer from mental health concerns like anxiety or depression should rely on therapy dogs to help reduce their symptoms. Yorkshire terriers can make excellent therapy dogs as there is never a dull moment around them.

9. They Require Less Food:

Dogs are like a family member, and feeding one is not cheap. Especially if you are cautious about feeding them nutritious food. The larger the breed, the more they eat; hence, the higher the cost. The benefit of owning a small dog breed is that they eat less, which means it will be lighter on your pockets. Providing your proper dog nutrition will be expensive, but at least a bag of food for Yorkies is going to last longer.

10. They Can Live with Others:

Most Yorkies are friendly and peaceful, which means they are the same as your other pets. If you plan to get another cat or a dog, Yorkies can easily adjust to them. But remember that they were bred to be rat hunters. Hence, they will not be peaceful around Hamster or Guinea Pig.

The Bottom Line:

There are several factors to consider before adopting a Yorkie, but they are best for first-time owners, and you can easily handle and discipline them. Additionally, the less cleaning requirement is another lucrative reason you should get one. While any dog you adopt is adorable, getting a Yorkie whole means adding a truly lovable family member.

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