Why Do You Need a Bail Bond Even When You Can Afford to Pay

There are many citizens in Columbus, Ohio, who when arrested do not have the funds to pay for their bail money. In such a situation, they need to stay in the confines of prison or look for a bail bonds company to get out of jail quickly for a standard fee. Again, there are people, who have money in their bank accounts or their family has it. Yet, you need a bail bond even if you have the means to pay. 

According to an article published on new.bbc, the American bail system is largely dependent on the approval of bail bonds. Therefore, it is your best bet if you want to get out of prison fast. Here is why: 

Paying for a bail bond will exhaust your bank balance

When you or your close friend or member of the family pays for your bail, you get out of prison fast. Even if you have funds in your bank, it’s is not the best option if you are in jail. That is because you will end up exhausting all your money or that of your loved one for a bailout. Alternatively, you can use just a part of the amount to get a bail bond. 

It implies that you have some money of your own in the bank for survival when you are out of jail. You could use the saved money to pay for domestic expenses or your spouse and kids. In simple words, it is a smart idea to save cash for your necessities and during the days before your court date. If you have any questions concerning bail bonds, look up platforms like Castle bondsman Columbus Ohio

Bail forfeiture is a possibility 

A bail bondsman is your best bet instead of paying in full cash, because if the rules related to bail requirements are defied unintentionally, it would lead to a complete forfeiture of the cash payment you made. 

There are instances of court switching departments and therefore if you appear before the court in a wrong department unintentionally or a couple of minutes late, the entire cash bail is paid to the court right away. The only solution is appointing a private attorney, which is very expensive. 

Paying in full means no public attorney 

When you are in custody, you hire a public or a private attorney as assigned by a court of law. Many defendants opt for public lawyers because it does not cost them money, while a private attorney is expensive and charges every hour in dollars.

When you or your family pays your bail money, you might not get a public lawyer, as people who cannot afford a private lawyer usually hire them. When you pay in full, you prove to the court that you have funds and therefore, do not need a public attorney. 


Now that you know why you need a bail bond and the services of a bondsman, you can make an informed decision. Work with an experienced bondsman knowing the ins and outs of the US bail system. 

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