Why do you need an attorney for slip and fall injuries?

Have you ever been injured because of somebody else’s negligence, which impacted you mentally, physically, and professionally? Did you have to take time off from work, leading to a loss of earnings? These are known as personal injury cases and can be highly devastating. In Philadelphia, personal injuries result from medical malpractice, motor vehicle accidents, dog bites, assaults, and slips and falls. Amongst these, falls account for about 13.9% of all accidental deaths in Pennsylvania, while about 8 million victims require emergency treatment for such cases. A Philadelphia Personal Injury Attorney fights for you and ensures you receive the compensation you deserve, especially since injuries from such accidents can be devastating. Spinal cord damage, hip fractures, broken arms and legs, torn ligaments, and sprained ankles are some injuries caused by falling. Why do you need an attorney for such cases, how can they help you, and what are some basic details?

Basic information about slip and fall in Philadelphia

Statute of limitations for such cases

Although your attorney will take care of this, you ought to know the statute of limitations in Philadelphia regarding slip and fall cases. Statute 5524, Title 42 of the Consolidated Statutes states that you must bring an action to recover damages for injuries or an individual’s death resulting from another individual’s negligence within two years. The statute also states that if the fall damaged your property or belongings, you could claim compensation for the specific property you owned before the accident.

Know about the modified comparative negligence rule

Your lawyer will thoroughly acquaint you with Pennsylvania’s modified comparative negligence rule during the claims process according to Section 7102, Title 42 of the State Legislature. The negligence rule plays a crucial role because it will determine the amount of money you would receive as compensation for your damage. If the defendant’s attorney successfully establishes your fault in any way, it will have an impact on your total recovery amount. Under some circumstances, you would not even receive any compensation if they are successful.

How will your attorney help you?

They will prove your claims

You must prove the property owner’s negligence to receive monetary compensation in Philadelphia, and it is one of the essential parts of the claims process. Your attorney will try to establish the owner’s awareness situation and their negligence by ignoring the hazardous conditions. Despite being unaware of it, they should have known it since it was a part of their property. Your attorney will prove the “reasonableness” of the situation and show how unreasonable the owner was.

Your attorney will evaluate your losses

Proving your losses is a vital part of the entire claims process, and it will have a direct bearing on your recovery amount. Your lawyer will use receipts to prove your losses, including medical bills, lost wages, lost earning potential, and property damage. The court will decide your total recovery amount after considering your losses. Interestingly, even though Pennsylvania or, for that matter, Philadelphia does not have a limit on the damage amount you can recover, the law sets a 250,000 USD$ limit on injury claims against the Commonwealth and 500,000 USD$ total claims limit against the local government agencies.

Provide you with any help you need

Slip and fall cases can be devastating for you mentally and physically. After the accident, you might need to contact the right doctor, besides dealing with the medical expenses. Your attorney will provide you with any support you need and assist you in every possible way. They will also ensure the insurance company compensates you fully instead of rushing through with an initial settlement.

A Philadelphia Personal Injury Attorney will ensure you receive the proper compensation and justice during a slip and fall case. From gathering evidence to proving your claims, you will require the help of their expertise at every step.

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