Why link building is Important for Best Ranking

Links are fundamental for positioning on Google, something that everyone knows but often minimizes, especially since the methods for obtaining links can lead to unadvised or irregular practices, forcing the hand to search engine algorithm. However, knowing what link building is is essential for all those who want to make their online SEO strategy more effective.

What is link building process?

From a strictly grammatical point of view, link building is the construction of a network of links between a site and others: we have repeated on several occasions that links are the very basis of the Internet (which is not casually defined Network or Web, with a symbolic reference to the threads of the spider’s web or those of the weave, represented precisely by the links), and for the search engines that navigate the immense virtual metropolis they can be considered preferential lanes.

What we need to understand is that Google appreciates links. Indeed it requires them for its functioning and provides users with the answers they expect when they make a query; in the guides for web admins. It is the Googlers themselves who write that “links are usually editorial votes given by choice, and the greater the usefulness of your content, the more likely it is that another user will consider them valid for their readers and insert a link to them. “

Through sophisticated analysis systems, engines such as Google can find out how and how web pages are connected, evaluating these links’ quality within the ranking parameters used. You can choose the Rex Originals for best linking building service.

Google evaluates the quality of the backlinks.

The word quality makes the difference compared to the past: until the update called Penguin, it was expected that to increase the popularity and positioning of a site, it was aimed at increasing the number of inbound links pointing to those resources. No attention to the content of the linked pages, but not even those that contained those links, nor analysis of the host site: the key was just the number of people/places referred to that page.

The evolution of Google and SEO

In recent years, the Google algorithm updates have further perfected the machine, allowing the search engine to focus precisely on the links’ quality, evaluated based on various factors.

How to do link building

Having clarified the theoretical issues, so to speak, let’s try to deepen the practical problems because link building is a purely technical SEO activity. The primary positioning optimization strategy takes place off-page (although it is also essential to focus on content and the correct management of on-page elements because pushing an ill-conceived page will not bring any benefit). In a nutshell, this expression identifies the strategic activity aimed at increasing the number of inbound links to a website, which gains greater authority in the eyes. of the search engine.

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Link-building SEO, the primary strategies

There are many ways to do link building: a good strategy is to create optimized articles for one or more specific keywords representing a possible in-depth analysis of the topic in question in the piece and on the host site. An overall link-building strategy can help vary the frequency of following and no-follow links, giving life to a natural backlink profile. It can help develop referral traffic to the site, just as it would be helpful to count on citations. or references that may not contain links, especially if they come from sources deemed authoritative by Google, because they increase the perceived reliability of the site.

How to get backlinks naturally?

It is always good not to overdo the bad practices which, although they may appear effective in the short/medium term, still risk exposing themselves to possible penalties: the strategy that remains safer in this perspective is the so-called link earning, or the free making of citations and links that are obtained thanks naturally, for example, to quality content that is taken up (precisely, naturally and without forcing) from other sites as a source of information or valuable insight.

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