Why Should You Consider Calling A House Doctor?

Gone are the days where there is no alternative to heading to the doctor’s clinic for consultation. With house doctors on the rise, you don’t need to visit the doctor – the doctor will visit you.

Whom Does This Service Target?

House doctor services primarily target the elderly, although this service can be availed by anybody. Those plagued with some chronic illness or are no longer fit to drive can now receive the medical attention they need without any hassle. Some older adults may even be forgetful of their appointments and miss it as a result. But those days are over.

Doctors, general practitioners (GPs), and nurses are now mobile and can conduct tests and routine checks on the elderly at the comfort of their own homes.

But, Doesn’t That Already Exist?

House doctor services share many similarities with house health care, but they are not quite the same. House health care targets the already ill. It strives to make the recovery process for those who have just overcome an illness or undergone an operation smoother. The final goal is to make the (elderly) patient independent again.

House doctor services are comparatively more routine than the above. It is the same consultancy service offered at clinics, now delivered at your doorstep. They can be general health checkups and can also aid in treating sudden illnesses in older adults. House doctors are the most skilled practitioners with good experience in dealing with various patient categories.


Some services come equipped with blood/urine test kits and even portable X-Ray and ultrasound machines.

Why Is It a Better Alternative to Consultation at a Clinic?

Chronic illnesses are rampant among the elderly. With doctors available at their beck and call, treatment can be provided without any delay during emergency situations and also their chronic diseases can be monitored and managed. Doctors can observe the daily hindrances the patients may face owing to said chronic disease. Also, the doctors can follow the patients’ daily diet, medication intake, and spot signs indicating some other condition and potentially treat it early on. Being present in their everyday environment allows them to understand their lifestyle better. In some cases, it can help to tailor treatment methods to suit their needs. Emergency medication and trips to the pharmacy will become less frequent as a result.

How Expensive Is It?

House doctors’ fees are dependent on the equipment they will need to bring per visit and how severe a patient’s state is before the visit. Most of the time, it varies among doctors. It may seem a pricier option in the short run, but it sure helps save thousands of dollars in long term medical expenses.

How Do I Find a House Call Doctor?

A quick internet search for “house doctors” should spawn results with a few GPs available in your area. Also now there are numerous companies offering this service.

It may not be that easy to switch to a house call doctor as it is a major life decision for many. But due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this has become far more common. More families with young children are using house doctor services due to their fear of contracting the virus during a routine visit. Thus, the benefits of having a house doctor are not exclusive to the elderly. Consider all these, and maybe you’ll find house call helpful.

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