Why you should watch Descendants of the Sun

If you enjoy Korean drama, you must have come across the ‘Descendants of the Sun’, which is a thrilling drama film series. This show is a global sensation and became a blockbuster, and has been exported to many European countries, Asia, and the US. If you have never watched this drama series, here are the reasons you should consider watching it.

The Storyline

Descendants of the Sun rating shows the series has one of the captivating storylines as it features action, romance, comedy, and drama. The story follows a volunteer doctor who falls in love with an elite military officer. Again it does not have any love triangles, wealthy heirs, birth secrets, or revenge schemes. It brings out everyday work life and people at work beautifully without making the storyline boring which is rare for most drama series.

The Characters

This is a family film which you can watch with your loved ones as the characters are loveable. The male characters in the Descendants of the Sun respect women, and the women are strong and independent. This is the kind of film you would let your children or parents watch, as it promotes positive values in society.

The Romance

The characters are honest and speak their minds, and they are not portrayed as people who initially hate each other and later fall in love which is stereotypical in most dramas. Yoo Shi pursues Kang Mo Yeon flirtatiously, but he remains respectful despite her rejections. They have a real-life chemistry connection on the screens, making it enjoyable to watch the characters without getting bored.

Friendship in the Drama

The drama brings out the bromance between Yoo Shi and Seo Dae as they have a solid friendship. Their scenes and interaction are always and highlight and bring out the importance of friendship in everyday life. It could teach others about the importance of friendship and having each other’s back which is rare now.

The Location

The scenery in the Descendants of the Sun is beautiful and was set in Greece at the backdrop of the Aegean Sea. It has some key locations which have seen a sharp increase in tourist traffic due to the drama. You can explore the new world through the lenses of this Korean drama and visit the places someday.


The Korean drama often employs meaningful photography and framing into their films, and they did an outstanding job with the Descendants of the Sun. You will not get bored with the cinematography in this film. Again the production was pre-produced, which means the production team had enough time to edit the scenes leading to higher production quality.

The Soundtrack

The descendants of the sun use exciting Korean soundtracks from notable artists such as Yoon Mi Rae and Kim Na Young. You can enjoy these Korean beats, which open a window for learning Korean phrases and their culture.


Korean dramas are taking over the entertainment industry globally, and if you have never watched a Korean drama film, I could suggest ‘Descendants of the Sun.’ The film is beautifully set in scenic environments and has an interesting storyline. Again, you can learn new Korean culture through the soundtracks in the films. Good luck finding a Korean drama series that awakens your adventure spirit.

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