Why Your Next Corporate Year-ender Should Be a Rooftop Party

Sydney is considered as Australia’s only global city and leads the country in terms of economy. In 2019, Sydney generated over $140 billion in revenue, contributing to seven per cent of Australia’s economy. Sydney is also responsible for creating over half a million jobs for its diverse communities. Sydney is also home to many small and large businesses that work hard to keep the economy of Sydney booming. 

Most businesses evaluate their performances after every fiscal year. This is the time when business owners find out how their company performed over the year. Most often than not, business owners will throw a year-ender party for their employees in gratitude for their hard work. This is also the time to give out year-end bonuses on top of the regular bonuses, especially if the business did well. If you are a business owner and are planning to throw a year-ender party for your staff, you should consider throwing a rooftop sydney party. Here are the reasons why:

The View Will Be Amazing. When you hold your year-ender at a rooftop bar, your staff and employees will enjoy a spectacular view. If the bar is at the top of a tall building, then you may get a 360-degree view of Sydney’s cityscape during the day or night depending on when you plan to hold your party. 

Your Speech Will Match the Venue. If you had a great fiscal year, you could prepare a speech to thank your employees for their contribution. You may also use your rooftop venue as symbolism and use the “we are on top of our game” line in your speech. 

Fun for Family Members as Well. If you are a business that values family-life, you can ask your employees and staff to bring their family with them at your party. Most rooftop Sydney bars have pools in which your employees’ children can swim and have fun while you and your employees enjoy your cocktails. 

Be as Loud as You Want. When you rent out a rooftop bar for your exclusive year-ender, you and your staff can be as loud as you want without disturbing any neighbouring establishments. You are high above the ground so your noise will not be bothersome.

Bask in the Sydney Sun. Sydney is blessed with an average of 340 sunny days per year. When you rent out a rooftop Sydney bar, you can bask in the late afternoon sun while enjoying cocktails with your staff. Likewise, when night time comes, you can enjoy the chilly breeze coming from the Sydney coastline. 

It is the Best Venue for Viewing Fireworks. If your company’s fiscal year ends in December, you can schedule your year-ender party to coincide with the New Year celebrations. If your year-ender is at a rooftop bar, you will have the best views of the Sydney fireworks. 

It is convenient. Most rooftop Sydney bars are located on top of hotels. Having your year-end party on a rooftop bar of a hotel will allow your staff to rent a room of their own. This will also allow them to be safe if they had too much to drink at the party. Suppose your company has the budget, book rooms for your staff and employees during your year-ender. You may negotiate for good rates with the hotel if you are booking rooms by the volume and booking their rooftop bar as well.

Showing your gratitude to your staff and employees for a fruitful year will increase their morale. Throwing a year-ender on top of a rooftop sydney bar will be a party that your employees will remember for years to come. 

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