Women Fashion Designer In the World

Women have a great sensitivity to women fashion designer. Fashion not only matters that what we are wearing clothes and it defines what you are. Nowadays fashion is a buzz all over the world. In every stage of ages, fashion becomes more appreciable. Some of the women wearing jeans with t-shirts and some of like to wear dresses in which they are comfortable. Nowadays all over the world the word “brand” become popular. Some of the women generally prefer the brand like Gucci, Madame, Balenciaga. Fashion is not limited to clothes it includes the line of accessories, footwear, handbags etc.…. In traditional culture, most of the women wear salwar suits, Sharee etc. In modern culture women generally wears western dresses like jeans, tops, dresses etc. A women designer also ensures your skin what colour suits you and they give you confidence what you are wearing in public. Fashion does not static it keeps changing day by day. fashion builds up the personality and grows up the confidence level


Women want comfortable in women fashion designer clothes. Even if wearing the casual or official look in which she sees themselves and feel confident and people around also feel that you are nicely wearing the clothes. women know about the dressing sense very well and in every country, there is stylist which gives the knowledge about the fashion trends, perfect looks, coordinates with the jewellery clothes .it gives newly looks to the clients. Those women or men want to become a stylist they can take fashion designing courses like IIFD, INIFD. We know very well women have various types of dresses on functions like in weeding ceremony the wear heavy dresses like sharara, lehengas.We know very well women have various types of dresses for functions like in wedding ceremony they wear heavy dresses like sharara and lehengas. At parties, they wear light dresses like long Kurtis with loose palazzo and Salwar suits. For proper formal occasions, women can go for black tie dresses for rent in Brisbane so that they can be properly attired and made up for the occasion


The main thing for every women fashion to select the best fabrics for the clients like in summer season only rayon cotton is best to wear in summer season .in winters season the leather, wool, fur etc.…in spring season the linen, silk, chambray. If a woman chooses very good quality its gives impact to your day to day life like personal life, business and effect on peoples that around you. Modern youth mostly depends upon the activities of the fashion world. These are the following points of fabric which mostly used by designers


Cotton is a soft, fluffy, fibre which grows around the seeds of the cotton plant. The cotton plant is generally cultivated in Mexico in large quantity. mainly the cotton is used for various things like sentry pads, clothes, homeware and industrial products. cotton is used in any season


Silk is a fibre which is produced from cocoons of mulberry silkworms .it is a natural fibre in north India it is called Resham. silk is used for various products like in clothing, parachute, tyres of racing cars. Silk is an essential part of fashionable clothes. Silk clothes also improve sleep, men’s silk pajamas are a great example which also helps in avoiding allergies.


Wool is a fibre obtained from sheep it is an animal fibre. wool is used in general in winter seasons .it gives worm to the bodies. wool is used for clothing, bedding, horse rugs, insulation.

Latest women brands in India

In India, there is latest women brand is Biba, fabindia, Allen Solly, Zara, levies, and, aurelia, west wide, w for women, h&m, 


Biba is one of the famous brands in India for women .it is stared in 1988 by Meena Bindra in new Delhi. The brand has a fantastic collection for women like Kurtis, salwar suits.


Fabindia is also one of the famous brands in India for ethnic wear. There is word fabindia called “desi”. Mostly the foreigners visiting in India to shopped at fabindia.

Allen Solly

This brand has a collection of formal and corporate, Women can also shop like skirts, jumpsuits, trousers jeans, etc.


The designer of the levis is Anita dongre. she made fashion for everyone there brand also available in online stores also. What u want everything you can get in this brand.


This brand also has ethnic clothing wear for women Aurelia brand is also one of the leading and budgetable brands in India.


In WESTSIDE, you will get the traditionally wear or parties dresses. it is retail of Tata groups

W for Women

It is also one of the best brands in India. In this brand, innovative Kurtis with palazzo manufactured.


Hannes &Mauritz it is the famous brand in over the world. it’s a very expensive collection but you buy the collection you never gonna lose your money. In these stores everything you can get like jeans, jacket, tops, etc.  


It is a Spanish brand it is also the most popular brand among the Indian market. Women Fashion Designer loved this brand.it has both casual or formal wear .it also available online stores 

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