Does Spectrum Cable Offer 4K Service?

The experience of watching television has constantly improved in the past decade. The introduction of 4K TV and content has brought on a wave of excitement among people who love high-quality entertainment. However, it requires a whole shift in infrastructure and a huge upgrade for cable providers to be able to support 4K content. Spectrum TV is one of the first service providers who support 4K content, but not directly via cable TV.

Difference Between 4K and HDTV

HDTV stands for High Definition-TV and it provides a resolution of 1080 pixels. Whereas, a TV that is built with 4K technology has a resolution that is 4 times better than a run of the mill HDTV. That means a higher, sharper, more vibrant, and clear picture quality. That is why 4K TVs are also known as Ultra HDTVs.

Spectrum 4K Service

Spectrum provides 4K service and subscribers of this service can watch 4K content but not through cable TV. Like other cable providers, Spectrum’s cable Tv packages and TV boxes only support HD content with 1080p resolution. However, using its 4K service, you can watch 4K content using the internet on its TV application. 

Can I Watch Spectrum 4K Content on Apple TV?

Spectrum 4K service is fully compatible with the Apple TV. If you are a user of Apple TV, you can easily set up the spectrum’s 4K service because your TV will automatically detect Spectrum’s network. In addition to that, it will log into the spectrum’s TV application by default as well. Besides that, you will not be required to log in every time. So, you don’t have to go through any hassles at all.

In addition to these benefits, you can hook up Siri and Siri remote with this service which will enable you to watch anything you like via all of the Apple devices you own (e.g., iPhone, iPad, and MacBook, etc.).

Why Cable Services Don’t Support 4K?

As mentioned earlier, it would take a lot of huge changes for cable TV service providers to support and readily provide the 4K content. Basically, all cable TV service providers use QAM technology to provide a huge network of channels and HD quality content to millions of users across the US. The shift to 4K technology involves many hurdles and cable service providers aren’t ready because;

  • 4K TV service itself is quite costly, both for service providers and for users.
  • Only a fraction of the population owns 4K televisions.
  • They lack the budget required for infrastructural changes.
  • The outdated equipment can’t handle the speeds and load required to support 4K content resolutions.
  • The service providers would need to create a whole new network (from the ground up) for the transmission of 4K content.

How Can I Subscribe to Spectrum 4K?

Now that you know spectrum supports 4K content via the internet, you can subscribe to its 4K service by calling the Spectrum internet phone number. They provide 24/7 customer support and you can talk to a representative to help you with the subscription. If you want to use this service with your Apple-TV, just be sure that it is either fourth-generation Apple TV or higher. Once that is done, you must install the Apple TV application and sign in using your credentials. After that, you can watch 4K content seamlessly.


Now that it has been established that need the internet to watch 4K content, you must ensure that you subscribe to a high-speed internet connection. Before you subscribe to any Spectrum internet package, make sure that the speed you opt for is available in your residential area. That is because Spectrum is a merger of 3 different companies with different infrastructures. That is why the internet speeds they offer vary all over the US.

Apart from the internet connection speeds, there are two more things you should keep in mind before you decide to completely shift to a 4K service and make a hefty investment. Once you opt for a 4K service, you would not be able to effortlessly toggle between SD, HD, and 4K channels. Moreover, it will be difficult for you to save your favorite stuff on the DVR.

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