Fun Facts About Gin that Australians Don’t Know

Whether you’re an alcohol connoisseur or just like to drink for fun, the best place to go to is a pub. Australia is home to a variety of pubs, and you’ll be happy to know that the country has at least 6,000 bars and pubs you can go to. While most Australians are happy and content with beer, some may prefer to drink gin instead. 

When you decide to order a gin from the bar, you might get a few giggles from other men because they think it’s a woman’s drink. What they’re not aware of is it can pack a punch while granting the person a few advantages. Whether you’re a man or woman, drinking Australian Made Gin can give a few benefits. What’s even better is that there are facts that may surprise you. 

The Creator of the First Gin

For those who love Australian Made Gin, you have to thank the Dutch physician Franciscus Sylvius. He is generally credited as the first-ever person to create the gin, also known as genever. Gin is medicine-distilled with juniper berry oil, and Sylvius created it for the sole purpose of curing kidney and stomach disorders. 

Indians Were the First to Drink Gin and Tonic

Brits began moving to India during the 19th century after the Sepoy Rebellion of 1857. After the Brits moved, there was a sudden rise of gin and tonic for the residents of India. It became widespread in India as it was known to help avoid malaria. A Scottish doctor discovered quinine, a core component of tonic water. They had to add gin into the tonic water to hide the bitterness when ingested, thus creating the G + T out of the mixture.

Gin Isn’t Designed to be Drank Alone

There’s a reason most people get gin and tonic. It’s because of how very biting and piney the taste is. Unless you can down a gin alone, you have to pat yourself in the back. People who like to drink gin would mix the drink with some ice and a lime wedge to give it some aesthetic and a bit of flavour. But for people who want to sit down and enjoy their drink, pouring tonic water to mask the bitterness of the gin also works.

A Day Dedicated to Gin

For Australians that are a big fan of gin, you have a whole day to celebrate the wonders of gin. World Gin Day, which is celebrated around the world on the second Saturday of June, is devoted to the most trendy and fashionable alcohol in recent years. There are a ton of bars and artisanal gins already flourishing in India and other parts of the world. 

Curing Hangover in 1928

If you must know, New York City was famous for the gin and tomato juice combo. It was said that the mixture was able to cure a hangover, resulting in it being the most sought after drink in the city of New York back in 1928. This was also years before the vodka-based Bloody Mary appeared. You can visit and check to find out more on How to Cure Hangover.

There are still undiscovered surprising facts about gin that’s out there in the world. It’s up to gin connoisseurs to discover these unearthed facts and share it to the world. These facts may be able to bring more alcohol enthusiasts to drink gin more compared to other alcohol-based drinks.

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