Is National Honor Society Worth It?

At one point or another, academic-minded students come across an invitation to an honors society or two. These invitations get sent to students that meet a particular grade point average, and they appear to be prestigious organizations that help boost one’s chances of getting into good schools. 

That said, what are honors societies? More specifically, what is the National Honor Society? We’re going to take a look at the idea of joining these organizations today, giving you some insight into whether or not they’re worth you’re time. 

So, is National Honor Society worth it? Let’s find out. 

Student Guide: Is National Honor Society Worth It?

The issue with the National Honor Society is the way that it’s perceived It comes across as a way for students to indicate their excellence to prospective schools or employers

The trouble is, colleges don’t take much stock as to whether or not someone’s in an honor society. Competitive colleges look to find out what role a student had in particular groups and the sort of achievements that they were able to make during their time in high school. 

The GPA is already evident to the college based on the student’s transcript, so there’s no reason to mention the Honor Society because GPA is the main qualification. If you’re able to reach a particular GPA, odds are that you’re invited to the National Honor Society. 

At the same time, a culture around these societies makes students and parents feel as though they won’t make it into schools if they’re not part of the groups. As a result, families pay a lot of money each year for their children to enter different honor societies, particularly the National Honor Society. 

Since they charge money, is honors society a scam?

Potential Benefits

While there aren’t any college admission benefits, there are some other things that people might get from membership. For one, there’s a wide network of alumni who can help to secure jobs, make connections, and generally market themselves. 

There are also opportunities for scholarships, educational programs, and a whole lot more. If you’re someone who takes advantage of the yearly membership, there are multiple ways that you could get your money’s worth. 

The National Honor Society’s goal isn’t to scam anyone into thinking they’re getting a leg up in college admissions. Instead, it’s supposed to be a way to recognize the hard work of students and provide academic resources for them to succeed. 

It’s easy to understand why some would think that the program is a scam, though. The real issue is that there’s a lack of understanding as to what the National Honor Society is. 

Should I Join Honors Society?

If you’re wondering “is National Honor Society worth it,” ask yourself whether you could use the resources available with a membership. If you manage to grab a single scholarship through the site, it could more than pay for your entire membership fee. 

There’s more to learn, though, and we’re here to help. Explore our site for more insight into Honors Society benefits, options, educational resources, and much more. 

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