The Fish Hook Tickler: What Does It Mean? Urban Dictionary’s Ole Handshake Explained

Recently, the Fish Hook Tickler Handshake has been all over social media. As a form of welcome, clasping one another’s fingers and rapidly moving them up and down the palm of one’s hand is known as a handshake. However, it may have a plethora of meanings at stylish gatherings. The Fish Hook Tickler handshake has recently begun to earn attention among those who work behind the scenes.

What Exactly Does That Ole Fish Hook Tickler Mean?

The Ole Fish Hook Tickler is a particular motion with the hands. The baseball fans who play for the University of Mississippi always do it as they reach first base. Gamers are expected to utilize their fingers to form an image, usually a fishhook or a Wolf. Many Redditors have theorized about how Ole Miss Players may exploit the image, turning it into a trending topic on the website.

A Reddit post was remarked on by @JamesonRaider, who said it “looks like the wolf that NC State throws up.” Nickyjha explains, “It was probably a group effort.” The Mets are famous for their “pepper grinder” celebration, which looks like a handjob. According to @larrycorser, “they stole it” from NC State’s Wolfpac. That’s why the WCW faction they belonged to was known as the Wolfpac.

In addition to the other factors discussed, it indicates a terrorist organization and calm coyotes. The same hand motion might have several different meanings. Nonetheless, we can observe the player from the University of Mississippi almost always using motion during games.

Definition of “Ole Miss Fish Hook Tickler” in Urban Dictionary

Fish hooking is to place one or all fingers into the mouth and pull, as defined by the Urban Dictionary. In common use, it refers to a sharp thrust to the jawline and snagging an animal with a hook. Meanwhile, you’ll be making a gesture similar to a fish handshake, also known as the Tickler, by joining your fingers together, with the middle finger being used to tickle the palm.

Different things may be inferred from how someone shakes your hand if they give you a palm tickle while pointing the middle finger at you. The gesture is generally regarded as insulting. Fish hooking is a technique that may be used in wrestling and for halting sporting activities generally. However, it is banned in the U.F.C. and the WWE due to the extreme agony it causes.

Where did the term “fish hook tickler” originate?

Fishhook ticklers are handshakes in which both parties exchange fingertip touches, and one party tickles the other’s palm. Offensive and scary are two common reactions to this. As a follow-up to the handshake demonstration, someone using the name @mrwhitethunder55 posted a video on TikTok near the tail end of last year. One observer said that he gave the opponents the Fish Hook Tickler as we stood up for introductions and handshakes before a wrestling match. While this was happening, the video’s creator commented that it was scary.

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