Things to remember while buying a Roman Flag

The Roman Empire might not have been the biggest globally, but it made up for that with its lasting legacy. Its impact is evident in various aspects of the Western world, such as language, architecture, government, law, and even religion. From gladiatorial fights in the magnificent Colosseum to developing roads used by travelers even today, the Romans secured a unique place in history for themselves. Among the other things that fascinate historians about the Holy Roman Empire, one is the Roman Flag, beautiful, majestic and mesmerizing in every way. With a black eagle on a golden background, it was a banner befitting the glory that was Rome. Even today, this flag continues to arouse historians’, collectors’, and people’s interests because of its appearance, dimensions, and the fascinating history that it represents.

Things to check before buying a Roman flag

These are some things you ought to check while buying the flag to ensure you’re getting the right product.

Try to pay attention to its appearance

You must begin by checking the flag’s appearance. See whether it has a golden background with a black eagle whose beak and claws are red. The eagle should be double-headed, and its wings flared out on the sides. If you purchase the flag online, you could try zooming into the image to scrutinize the picture at close range.

Does it have grommet holes?

You must buy the Roman flag only if it has grommet holes. Grommet holes are rings on a piece of fabric with metal or rubber attached to them that make it easy to pass a rope, wire, or cord through the material. If the flag has grommets, see whether they are of the required size to enable you to hang the banner wherever you want.

What is the flag’s quality?

Flags can be categorized into standard, all-weather and ceremonial qualities. They are assigned these qualities based on the material and what purposes they serve. For example, a standard quality banner is usually made with super-weave polyester, making it waterproof, highly durable, and wrinkle-resistant. It is also excellent for outdoor and indoor displays, home use, seasonal decorations, and theatrical uses. All-weather quality flags are usually made from nylon fabric and are long-lasting, tear-resistant, and durable while being ideal for any weather.

Have the edges been stitched?

Not many people realize the importance of perfectly stitched edges. Stitching the edges of fabric prevents them from fraying and looking worn out within a short time. Flags should have double stitches to ensure the best protection against fraying. You must also check if the edge stitching has the same thread color as the main body.

Is the design visible on both sides of the flag?

The flag has a captivating design with a black eagle against a golden background, and it would be wonderful if it were visible to everybody on both sides. The flag must reflect the text on the backside too.

Is the dye fade-resistant?

You should avoid buying flags that are not made from fade-resistant dyes because when exposed to sunlight, they lead to discoloration in a short time. Shades that are fade-resistant prevent the ultraviolet light from deeply entering the fabric and discoloring it, making your flag last longer for a substantial time.

Is the flag waterproof?

Your banner might come into contact with water at any time and will get damaged unless it is waterproof. Flags made of nylon and polyester are 100% waterproof, ensuring the water from entering inside and limiting it to the surface.

What are the reviews for the flag?

Since you would probably be ordering the Roman flag online, you must read the reviews to check what the other customers think of the product. Are they satisfied with its overall quality, and are they impressed with the flag’s material, design, and stitch?

A Roman Flag is a beautiful item you must have if you are an ardent enthusiast of the Roman Empire. You can display it proudly inside your home or on your porch, hang it on your drawing room’s wall or even take it with you wherever you want.

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