Who is Kevin Roby? His cellmate killed actor Lloyd Avery II, Details revealed

Lloyd Avery II’s killer, Kevin Roby, is a Satanic Christ. Kevin Roby has spent a significant portion of his life behind bars, which spans many decades. A podcast on his crimes and ideas was published in 2021. Continue reading to know more about the terrible incident that happened to the actor Lloyd Avery II.

Who Is Kevin Roby?

When Kevin Roby was in prison for the murders of his sisters, he turned on his fellow inmates and killed one of them. An Air Force Academy dropout of 23 years, he was condemned to death for the murder of his family member. The first victim was Velmalin Hill, his sister, who was kidnapped. When the police arrived at his mother’s home, Roby was the one who admitted to them that he had seen the abduction take place.

The investigators were not convinced by the details he provided regarding the occurrence. After her death, a massive garbage container was found to contain Hill’s remains. She had been killed terribly. She suffered repeated choking as well as sexual assaults. Because of this, Roby was charged with murder and convicted of adultery and rape in a non-jury trial in May 1988 on one count. Also found guilty of assaulting another sister, he was given a life sentence without the possibility of release.

As a result, he was sent to Pelican Bay, which opened in December 1989, because of his history of dangerous crimes. As a result, he became one of the 40 percent of inmates receiving life sentences for various violent offenses. As he was imprisoned, he began to develop an interest in Satanism. As a result, he lost track of his previous beliefs and began to refer to himself as a Satanic Christ.

Actor Lloyd Avery II was murdered by his cellmate Kevin Roby

Kevin Roby, Lloyd Avery II’s cellmate and a well-known Hollywood actor, killed him. At Pelican Bay State Prison, guards found the actor’s death in a cell on September 6, 2005. Roby attacked and strangled the former Hollywood star after executing what looked to be ritualistic devotional actions with the corpse of his cellmate. However, he had been dead for two days before the police found him. Concerns about how the prison guards failed to see or understand that a horrible murder had been committed in the cell by a convict with a lengthy criminal record remain unanswered. In addition, the reason for the crime is unclear, which adds to the mystery surrounding the fact that it looked like a ritual pact conducted by Satanists.

Where does Kevin Roby stand in the present?

Kevin Roby is now jailed and doing time for his crimes. In 1988, he was sentenced to life in prison without life imprisonment for the savage murder of his two sisters. His next crime occurred in 2005 when he murdered Lloyd Avery II. An interview with him on his crimes and life was recorded and aired on a podcast in 2021. The criminal’s comments on his actions and ideas may also be found in a podcast on YouTube.

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