Who Is Richard Dabate Mistress Sara Ganzer? He was convicted of Killing His Wife, Connie

Richard Dabate, who was found guilty of murdering his wife, had a lover named Sara Ganzer. Richard Dabate. Because the investigator established a conclusion using Fitbit data, the case gained widespread attention and is often referred to as the Fitbit case. Connie has at long last been vindicated for the murder she was the victim of over seven years after it occurred. Sadly, it has been discovered that the person who killed her own life was her husband, who had been cheating on her with another lady who was also deceived by his lies before he took her own life.

This specific murder investigation has a lot of complexities that will surprise folks. Richard made a determined effort to conceal the fact that he was a murderer by providing a solid alibi and reports, but his efforts ultimately failed.

Who Is Richard Dabate Mistress/ Girlfriend, Sara Ganzer?

The fact that Richard was having an extramarital affair with Sara brought her name into the spotlight as it became common knowledge that she was the lady in question. She is the mother of his child and was pregnant around the time Sara was killed. The child he fathered belongs to her.

It is said that they had known one another when they were in junior high school together. Despite this, they did not begin dating seriously until 2015 and have been together. After having sexual contact with one another, it was discovered that the woman was pregnant.

After that, Dabate said he would end his marriage to his first wife so he could be with her. According to what was reported by Yahoo, Sara also testified in court after the conclusion of the trial of the case. During her testimony, she became overcome with emotion. In addition, she said she had no intention of breaking into anyone’s home. It would seem that she is not guilty of any wrongdoing and did not have any role in the killing of Connie; hence, no charges have been brought against her.

Richard Dabate Wife Connie Death Murder Case

After her spouse was proven to be responsible for the murder, the case file for Connie’s case was finally closed. On the other hand, Richard’s solicitor has said that this is not the matter’s conclusion and that they will continue to fight for their client.

According to Richard’s account of the incident, an intruder entered their home and shot Richard’s wife. Richard said that the intruder was a guy. However, despite being injured by the claimed attacker, he was able to dial 911 and report the incident to the authorities.

This said individual was never located, and the couple’s next-door neighbour categorically denied ever having seen anything of the like. Because the data from Connie’s Fitbit did not coincide with what Richard said, in the end, a jury decided that Richard should be found guilty of the crime.

Richard was proven responsible for many crimes, including first-degree murder, tampering with physical evidence, and delivering a false statement, and he was found guilty of all of them.

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