Who is Sergio Barraza’s New Wife, Amber Cheatham? What happened to Elizabeth Barraza? Personal details explored!

Sergio Barraza, the husband of the recently slain Elizabeth Barraza, was also killed on January 25. Amber Cheatham is his new wife. Sergio Barraza, Elizabeth Barraza’s husband, has been arrested and accused of her brutal murder. The couple made their home in the Texas Star State. She was shot in her driveway back in January of this year as she was getting ready to have a garage sale to earn money for her wedding anniversary. Elizabeth and her husband celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary by travelling to Orlando to check out the brand-new Harry Potter World attraction there. The couple decided to have a garage sale on the 25th of January 2019 at their house in Tomball, Texas, to generate money for their vacation fund. Continue to read to know what happened to Elizabeth Barraza and how she died.

Who is Sergio Barraza, New Wife, Amber Cheatham?

On November 30, 2021, Sergio Barraza tied the knot once more with Amber Cheatham. Amber Cheatham’s background has been thoroughly investigated and no more details are available. Sergio’s Facebook page, however, claims that the pair got engaged in March of 2021. Barraza is an artist and member of the 501st Legion, an international organisation for fans of the Star Wars franchise that focuses on costuming and recreation. He and his late wife, Elizabeth, were both big admirers of the Star Wars franchise. They would dress up in cosplay at parties and amusement parks. They used to go to local Houston area hospitals dressed as characters from the Star Wars saga to cheer up sick kids.

Sergio Barraza and Elizabeth Barraza’s Age 

Based on his appearance, Sergio Barraza must be in his late 30s. It is unclear when he was born or how old he is. His wife Elizabeth, who was just 29 when she passed away, was his heartbreak.

What happened to Elizabeth Barraza?

Sergio Barraza exchanged vows with Elizabeth Barraza on February 1, 2014. When Elizabeth was unjustly killed on November 30, 2019, the Star Wars superfan pair had been married for over five years. In 2016, the pair made their first-ever real estate purchase in Tomball, Texas. She attended Klein Collins High School and grew up in spring, Texas. She was working at Rosen as a Data Reporter right up to the moment of her death. An unknown attacker took advantage of the fact that Sergio’s wife was unarmed and helpless in her front yard and brutally shot and murdered her. The person responsible for Elizabeth’s murder is still unidentified to this day. But the culprit, who seemed to be a woman in a robe, was caught on camera. Away from the vehicle, she walked towards Barraza. Sergio Barraza had barely started his workday when he found out about her death. Relatives of Barraza claim that Elizabeth organised the garage sale to fund a trip she and Sergio were planning to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary.

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